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New semi-self-righting lifeboat taken into service by KNRM

Published on 29-09-2014 17:03

On September 20, on KNRM station Texel a new lifeboat named Cornelis Dito type Fast Rescue Craft © 903 - Twin was taken into service by the Royal Netherlands Lifeboat Organization (KNRM).

The lifeboats a Fast Rescue Craft © 903 - Twin, designed by Pieter Meuzelaar (Dutch Special Marine Group) and built by Habbeké Shipyard in Volendam. Is a specially developed type with self-righting installation on the console and double drive for use on open water, such as the “Waddenzee” Sea. The boats have a length of 9.15 m, width 3.30 m and reach a maximum speed of 36 knots. They are equipped with two Styer SE266E40 engines powering two UltraJet 251 waterjets. The crew consists of four people who sheltered can be seated on specially designed chairs behind the center console. The rescued capacity of the craft is 20 people.

The boat is fully tested before use in the self-righting capacity and withstood all the tests with flying colors.

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