Search And Rescue

Search And Rescue

DSMG and its partners have been working with the Coastguards, lifeguards and Rescue brigad for many years. For example we have engineered and built for the Dutch Royal Dutch Rescue organisation (KNRM) a couple of boats together with our partners.

Nikolaas II klasse :

Dutch Special Marine Group (DSMG) helps your mission with our specialized product to your needs and demands. Our wide range of specialties and network of professionals can provide any naval product or training you demand. DSMG provides tailored specific products and customized solutions for each customer.

Keywords we work with are: special, detail, reliable, perfection and quality. Every product we deliver must meet the highest standards, so if you’re looking for something that meets these keywords you’re in the right place.

We built the most suitable boat for your Mission, project or taks.